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Zurich Switzerland

IBV International Vaults Zurich

 Limmatquai 58 / Marktgasse 2

CH-8001 Zurich

Telephone Number: +41 43 243 6930

Email Address:

London – United Kingdom

IBV International Vaults London

46 Park Lane, Mayfair London

W1K 1PW, England, UK

Telephone Number: +44 7826 543586

Email Address :

Umhlanga – South Africa

IBV International Vaults Durban

Shop F119, Gateway Theatre of Shopping,

Umhlanga, 4321

Telephone Number: +27 31 566 3984

Email Address:

Sandton – South Africa

IBV International Vaults Sandton

Shop L03-308, Legacy Corner, Nelson Mandela Square,

Johannesburg, 4320

Telephone Number: +27 11 783 6101

Email Address:

IBV Gold

IBV Gold is a division of IBV International Vaults, specializing in competitive trading in Gold, precious metals and the marketing of South African coins.

IBV Gold specialize in selling gold coins and bars to local individuals for safe keeping in Dubai, London and Switzerland.

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IBV Supercar Club

Our vision at IBV Supercar Club is to provide our members with a wide range of exciting events, auto care benefits, international travel packages and the latest supercar news snippets.

The world’s most exclusive supercar club with an international network of supercar owners.

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IBV Children’s VIP Day

The 8th annual Children’s VIP Day hosted by IBV International Vaults will take place at the Durban Exhibition Centre on Saturday, 12 August. The day sees a rare reversal of roles, as several of Durban’s top businessmen and women trade in their high executive desk jobs and high heels to spend the day giving back to less fortunate children from a variety of homes and organizations.

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