Customers are eligible for a range of benefits at IBV International Vaults Alice Lane

  • Simple and easy transition with no risk of relocating
  • Extended operating hours
  • Electronic security upgrades
  • Armed tactical officers for better on-site security
  • Access to IBV Gold for purchase and sale of Bullion
  • No increase in storage rentals




Founded in 2005, IBV International Vaults has become synonymous with exclusivity, security, confidentiality and premium asset enablement and protection to ensure peace of mind. We maintain global standards in security and exclusivity to keep your jewellery, documents, firearms, gold, diamonds, art and other priceless valuables protected. However, our most important offering is and will always remain – invaluable client service.



34 Fredman Drive
Ground floor, Alice lane Building
South Africa

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    Are the current Standard bank Vaults closing or moving?

    No, the business operations continue as normal. Only the management of the vault will be taken over by IBV International Vaults.

    Will the rental increase?

    No, the rental will remain the same for 2022.

    What can we expect?

    – Extended operating hours

    – Electronic security upgrades

    – Armed tactical officers

    – Access to Gold & Silver products through IBV Gold

    What are the price and sizes of safe deposit boxes?

    There are 4 different safe deposit box sizes available starting from as low as R150 per month.

    How do I continue with my safe deposit box with IBV?

    With your consent, your contract with Standard Bank can be ceded and assigned (transferred) to IBV by signing a cession agreement with Standard Bank and IBV. You can continue to enjoy the benefit of the safe custody service, accessing your safe custody articles in the same manner as before.For any further information, simply fill the form below for a call back from our consultant. Alternatively, you may reach out to us at or +27 62 045 1713‬.

    What happens to the payments I have already made to Standard Bank?

    If you pay your service fee monthly or you have paid your service fee for the safe custody service upfront to us for the year, all such amounts will be forwarded to IBV from the date of the cession of your contract.

    All fee payments for the safe custody service will then become payable directly to IBV going forward. IBV will communicate payment methods and their nominated bank account details directly to you once your contract has been ceded.

    I am not an existing Standard Bank customer. Can I sign up?

    Yes, you can sign up for a safe deposit box. Please fill the form below to get a call back from one of our sales consultants.