IBV Children’s VIP Day 2014

//IBV Children’s VIP Day 2014

IBV Children’s VIP Day 2014

IBV International Vaults and IBV Humanity are proud to announce the 5th IBV Children’s VIP Day. Following on from a hugely successful IBV Supercar Charity Parade, in which over 200 orphan children were granted the experience of a lifetime, a ride in a supercar, which resulted in over R1 Million being raised for charity and IBV International Vaults setting a new Guinness World Record for Most Money Raised By A Car Parade.

Continuing on from this monumental achievement, the IBV Children’s VIP Day 2014 aims to be the biggest yet. With over 2500 orphan and underprivileged children being treated to a day of fun, entertainment, food and drink, educational activities and games culminating in a concert featuring South Africa’s biggest acts. Hosted at the Durban Exhibition Centre and in association with the Durban ICC, the IBV Children’s VIP Day is one of South Africa’s biggest CSI initiatives.

Since the inception of IBV International Vaults, philanthropy has held a definitive and consistent presence in the ethos of the company, specifically through the initiation of the IBV Humanity division.

Being the longest-running IBV Humanity initiative and now in its fifth year, the Children’s VIP Day will see over 2500 disadvantaged children from over 30 children’s homes in Kwa-Zulu Natal invited with their caregivers to be a part of an event where they are the esteemed guests. The children will be entertained and catered to by some of South Africa’s most successful business achievers, sports stars, entertainment personalities, and politicians. This is a day built around the children with activities that will not only entertain them but also have lasting educational and emotional impact.

Through the dedication of this day to these disadvantaged children, IBV Humanity seeks to raise awareness about, and encourage action to curb, the often-overlooked plight of much of our country’s children and youth. The high-profile personalities and celebrities who selflessly give of their time to be a part of the event are individuals also passionate about making a positive deposit into these children’s lives by simple acts of kindness showing them how important and valuable they are.

Ashok Sewnarain, CEO of IBV International Vaults, says,

“Today these children are living in our world but tomorrow we will live in theirs. We believe that by showing these children how special they are by giving them a day just for them, we are making a meaningful difference in not only our country but our world too.”

Children are the legacies of our humanity and through this poignant reversal of roles; IBV Humanity believes that they are sowing a long-term seed into these young lives that will germinate into drive and determination for the betterment of their futures.

The IBV Humanity Children’s VIP Day took place on Saturday, 18th October 2014 at the Durban Exhibition Centre.

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