IBV Supercar Club Charity Parade

//IBV Supercar Club Charity Parade

IBV Supercar Club Charity Parade

The IBV Supercar Club, with branches in Johannesburg and Durban, is gearing up to drive a Guinness World Record supercar parade in Durban on the 21st of September 2014. It aims to reach a Guinness world record of raising R1 million for a charity through a parade of over 200 supercars down North Beach. ‘You can get involved in this groundbreaking event by donating your time and the gift of a ride in your supercar to an orphaned child,’ invites Marc Rosseau, the MD of IBV Supercar Club.

The Supercar Club was started by Durban businessman Ashok Sewnarain, founder of IBV International Vaults, who discovered that many of his safety-deposit customers shared his passion for fine cars of all brands. So he went beyond the concept of a ‘car club’ to form an association of supercar owners that’s as much about the lifestyle as it is about the machinery.

Sewnarain said the Supercar Clubs were already up and running in Durban and Sandton, with more planned for London, Dubai and Singapore, targeting membership of more than 1000 in South Africa alone.

He explained that members – in addition to social events such as this – would be invited to take part in track days and advanced driving courses on some of the world’s iconic circuits. They would also be offered special discounts on accessories, tyres and insurance for their cars, while their partners received automatic membership of the Partners Club, with a host of lifestyle benefits.

In addition, members would be able to download a special mobile app, which will hook them into the Supercar Club network worldwide and a ‘virtual showroom’ where they would be able to buy and sell exclusive vehicles with confidence.

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