Our safety deposit lockers vary in four convenient sizes to customize your storage needs. Every assigned locker is fitted with a dual control security system. To further our security, IBV has implemented “key-codes” that are specific to an individual’s SDL.

Our clients have embedded trust in our facility to protect family heirlooms, precious metals, time pieces and priceless collections.

Gold has repeatedly become one of the most fundamentally useful resources that exists in human society. IBV specializes in safe keeping for your precious gold and silver commodities.

IBV is the ultimate location to store your most important documents which eliminated the clutter from your normal everyday files. By utilizing our vault, your irreplaceable documents are protected from unforeseen events.

IBV serves as a storage of value and enables you to reliably save, store and retrieve.

IBV Gold is a division of IBV International Vaults which specializes in the trade of Gold and silver commodities. Your specific purchase of any precious metals can be easily stored into your locker.